The spot light decided to focus light on Daniela Sofia Ruah a Portuguese commonly known as Kensi Blye in the movie NCIS Los Angeles. What is with her sudden disappearance in the movie NCIS Los Angeles?

Well let’s start from somewhere, Is Daniela Ruah really out of the movie? People are worried for sudden disappearance out of the movie well we have a good news for you about her sudden disappearance. Daniela Ruah still has an active contract in the movie her roll is still active.

Is Daniela Ruah pregnant? This may be the reason as to why she is still out, its confirmed that Daniela Ruah took a maternity leave due to pregnancy. The pregnancy which have been tried to be hidden is now official know that she is pregnant.

And this has led to a break of the movie NCIS Los Angeles which is scheduled to air back on 18 December 2016, although images from her social media pages show all is well and good.

During the break of the movie the team took a holiday in LA Daniela Ruah appearance at the party made the party to go crazy, this shows the love for Daniela Ruah by her fellow teammates from in the movie NCIS Los Angeles. Now we know why Daniela Ruah is out of site, our actress is soon becoming a mother lets wish her all the best.

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